Dopey Challenge Race Recap Part 2: 10K

Friday morning was the first of the 2:45am wake-to be on a bus by 4am. The morning was supposed to be a little bit warmer at 48 degrees so I planned on my original “Here Comes the Queen” outfit. The morning went similar to the morning before, except I left my headgear and my gloves in my checked gear bag. I had estimated that eating my banana on the bus would prevent me from eating too early before the race, but was still not too close to race time. After two mornings, I decided to switch to eating the banana before I boarded the bus, but still drinking my Nuun Energy (instead of coffee) on the bus.

The starting corrals didn’t seem as crowded as the day before. Looking at the course map, it didn’t seem too exciting compared to the race before, and I wasn’t sure about character pictures, so I gave myself a goal to finish under an hour. I still felt like my 5K and my 10K goals were still too fast. The race went smoothly, finishing in 58:45 again with negative splits.

The Dopey Challenge check-in was confusing. In the event media, they tell you that you need a picture at the expo and that after each race you’ll check in at the tent and get verified. After the 5K, they said our picture at the Expo was the verification for that race. Then after the 10K, they told us they weren’t doing verifications for the day. After each event, I still got my finishers picture taken with my medal, and checked my race results online to make sure my timing chip worked.

After grabbing my gear, I headed over to get my picture with Dopey. I heard runners from the previous year say he was only at one race and they missed him. I didn’t want to miss my chance (although I later heard he was on the full marathon course hiding in Hollywood Studios but I never saw him). I was able to board a bus almost immediately after getting my picture with Dopey which was good. I ate the same post-race meal as the day before, and was thankful for the extra water bottles that I could take to the last two race start lines and discard.

Unlike after the 5K, my Friday was packed full with a morning at Hollywood Studios, because we didn’t have time to visit last time we were at Disney. I scheduled a 12:30pm lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby because I know lunch time at the parks can sometimes end up being a waiting game and I wanted to make sure I kept myself fueled with the two longer races still ahead. After lunch, we headed back to the resort and then to Downtown Disney for an early dinner at a favorite Irish pub, Raglan Road. Then it was back for bed by 7pm.

That’s all for the second day at Disney. Be on the lookout for Dopey Challenge Race Recap Part 3 where I’ll talk about Saturday’s Half Marathon!

And if you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

Thank you for reading!



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