Friday Five: Running Songs

A little over one week out from my next race, and while I don’t listen to music when I train, I love racing to music! So for this week’s Friday Five, I’m sharing my 5 Favorite Songs to Listen to while I Run! These songs have me head bobbing, singing, dancing, and just all-around happy during any race.

1. Thunderstruck (AC/DC). If you’ve never run Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon, then you may not understand how motivating this song can be. When I’m approaching the finish line or anytime I need a little extra pick me up, I play this (sometimes on repeat).

2. Hells Bells (AC/DC).  This takes me back to the adrenaline-pumping during a college football game.

3. Something I Need (OneRepublic). If you ever see me on a race course and I’m singing, it’s most likely to this pub song because it begs you to sing along to it.

4. Juice (Mekka Don). This song has come on during shuffle a few times as I approached a finish line, and there I am running and head bobbing along. It gets you moving and motivates me like is game day.

5. Shattered (O.A.R.). As a graduate of The Ohio State University, I have a soft spot in my heart for O.A.R. This is definitely not as heart racing as my previous song selections, but this song makes me smile and is like my love song to running because no matter how I feel I always turn around and come back to it.

What songs are on your race playlist?


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