Friday Five: Grab and Go Food Options

Life can be busy even when you’re not training for a marathon. And getting meals at restaurants can get really expensive. I’m often known as the person who always has a snack on hand!


I’m awful at meal prepping, but I have learned a few tricks to make sure I’m getting my meals in on time.

1. Spelt Banana Bread Muffins. I turned the Spelt Banana Bread from Run Fast Eat Slow into Muffins for an easy grab-and-go snack before or after any workout. I add some walnuts and occasionally some dark chocolate bits.

2. Frittata-style Muffins. My favorite are Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins from 21DSD. I use Frank’s Red Hot for the hot sauce. I’ll reheat one or two in the morning, add some spinach and avocado, and have myself some breakfast.

3. Nuts (and Fruit). What’s simpler than a bag of nuts and a piece of fruit when you’re hungry? This is a super easy snack that requires almost no prep. Simply measure out a serving of your preferred nuts into a snack bag or reusable food storage container, and your favorite piece of fruit. My personal go-to is almonds and a green apple.

4. Mason Jar Salads. There is a science behind building the perfect Mason Jar Salad. But once you have that down, prep is super easy. I tend to follow these directions for building mine. I lean towards using an apple cider vinaigrette, beets, sunflower seeds, and kale. I add either chicken or tuna when I’m ready to eat. The best part about this grab and go meal is that the mason jars preserve your veggies for up to a week, meaning you can make all of your meals for the week in one prep session.

5. Avocado (and Veggies). I love healthy fats! A fresh avocado (or a packet of clean ingredient guacamole) and some veggies are an easy snack or meal side. I typically grab some carrots or peppers to pair with my avocado.

What do you grab when you’re on the go?


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