State of Running Rogue

Think of this as my state of the union speech. Except I’m just a blogger and it’s a post.

Blogging for me is like social media, and it ebbs and flows. Some weeks inspiration hits and I write 20 different blog posts, and other weeks (like the past month) I have nothing. I’m the same on social media. I’ll spend what feels like hours like, sharing, retweeting, etc, while still posting my own original content; then other days I don’t even want to pick up my phone, let alone log in and browse.

After Glass City, it was my time to take a break from running and finally recover. Boy did I need it. And sadly with that break came a lack of interest in drafting new content for here. I still have plenty saved up, but nothing I’m ready to share…yet.

I’ve been digging the podcasts lately. Some are fabulous! Others are very narcissistic. And still some are so negative. When I started my Friday Five in an attempt to revive this blog and get my creative juices flowing again, I didn’t anticipate becoming that blogger who told you what to do and not to do like I’m an authority on all things running related. Nor did I expect to become that person who tells you “well I’ve run more races than you have so I know better than you do,” yet I feel like that’s how I came off and kind of who I was turning into. And I did not like it at all.

I can’t guarantee that when my break from running is over (next week), that my break from blogging will be over as well (at least until the next race report I have to write). But if you’re looking for me until then you can find me at the following locations:

I really don’t like Facebooking, and Strava-creeped me out. I’ve tried to Spring Clean away as many internet logins as I could handle to include all various social media sites except the “necessary” ones.



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