Goodbye, Running Rogue!

When I first began my second attempt at blogging about running (third attempt at blogging in general if we count those early years of livejournal), I spent weeks, maybe months, brainstorming the perfect blog name. At the time I was a lone runner, so rainbows and butterflies weren’t on my dashboard. Eventually I discovered group running and made some fabulous running buddies and my outlook changed. Rogue no longer felt appropriate, but I wasn’t ready to change the name of my blog. Yet. Around the same time, I noticed more and more businesses adopting the name. I already knew of Rogue Fitness, and Rogue Ales. Then I discovered there was a running company in Texas called Rogue Running, and a travel company called Run Rogue. One of my friends even named his recruiting company Rogue Talent. Despite all of this, I still wasn’t ready to change.

When I wrote my State of Rogue post a few weeks ago, I was not ready to re-brand. A few days later, I discovered that Rogue Running had started a podcast titled “Running Rogue.” I felt that I no longer had a choice. First, I really considered whether or not I even wanted to continue blogging (the jury is still out), but second, I needed to consider if I continued blogging what direction I wanted to take my blog. I knew I wanted to continue writing about running, and I didn’t want to venture into the realms of career, finance or my own profession (which are most often the topics I get asked for advice regarding after running). I was in the midst of seeking out new running goals as I enjoy a hiatus from full marathons. How could I decide on a new focus for my blog when I lacked focus regarding running.

Eventually inspiration struck. For me, running is about chasing goals and perseverance. As I’ve grown through the sport, I’ve found my wings and taken flight. While I’m still setting and chasing goals, I’m never going to stop the metaphorical flight. So please seek me out over at my new blog, Chasing Flight, as I continue my journey! You can find all of your favorite Running Rogue content there as well!


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